16. Five Ghosts, Indie Comics & Shark Week!

This week in the savage land, have a good time catching up with us, then join us in our discussion of Five Ghosts! Afterward, we take a quick look at some of our favorite indie comics and look forward to the next two weeks of discussions. Tune in to find out what we're discussing next! Follow us on social: facebook.com/savagelandpodcast and twitter.com/savagelandpod Remember to rate and subscribe!

5. Sci-Fi Spectacular!

*There are slight sound difficulties in the first five minutes* Today in the savage land, we talk about some of our favorite Sci-Fi movies! (The Fly, Stargate, Ex Machina, and Godzilla!) as well as some side discussions about Star Wars, Doctor Who, video games, and comic books! Remember to subscribe, rate, and follow us!