58. So Many Snacks

Mat died, Mitch came back to life. They talked about snacks, Assassin's Creed, Mr. Robut, Warcraft, and just about everything else, including Abraham Lincoln. Be sure to hit SUBSCRIBE and REVIEW! Facebook: https://goo.gl/YJG2ND Instagram: https://goo.gl/6Axowh Twitter: https://goo.gl/1rhTjU YouTube: https://goo.gl/OpcKev Leave us a message at 413-SAVAGE-4 Amazon: http://goo.gl/u2Xqx5 Don't forget to RATE, REVIEW, SUBSCRIBE, and SHARE with a friend!

54. The Reality of TV, The Fantasy of Film

Mitch returns in this episode as he, Jason, and Mat have a big ol' ketchup session. Covering topics like the future of Marvel's TV Universe, the shake-up at DC Films, and more! Tune on in. FOLLOW US: Facebook: https://goo.gl/YJG2ND Instagram: https://goo.gl/6Axowh Twitter: https://goo.gl/1rhTjU YouTube: https://goo.gl/OpcKev Don't forget to RATE, REVIEW, SUBSCRIBE, and SHARE with a friend!

39. Marvel Legendary

GAME ON! This week in the Savage Land, Mat, Mitch, Jason, and Rachael band together to play MARVEL LEGENDARY! Take a listen and enjoy as we guide you through this crazy-insane whirlwind of a game! Follow us on social networks! Facebok/Instagram @SavageLandPodcast, and Twitter @SavageLandPod! Don't forget to rate, review, and subscribe!

31. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

This week in the Savage Land, it's all hands on deck as we dig down to the very roots of the Ninja Turtles! The original comic publication from Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird! Listen in as the savages review that, as well as get tons of ketchup all over your collective faces. Remember to rate, review, and subscribe!!!!! Don't forget to follow us on social media! Facebook/Instagram: @SavageLandPodcast, Twitter: @SavageLandPod

28. Don't Run With Blades!

BLADE RUNNER! That's what this episode is about! We've got seven whole humans that wanna soak your ears in BR (That's what cool people call it) talk. Join us as we record from WATCHTOWER CAFE! Follow us on social: Twitter @Savagelandpod, Facebook & Instagram @Savagelandpodcast Leave us reviews pertaining to Keith David!!!!!!!!

25. 1234, I Declare a Thumb War!

This week, the savages take a dive into Grant Morrison's Fantastic Four! But before they do that, they're gonna get ketchup all over your ear holes! Listen in as they talk about all sorts of Star Wars stuff, Dresden Files, DC's 52, Letter 44, Jurassic World, My Little Pony (from Mitch's daughter), MST3K, and some of that weird anime stuff! Follow us on instagram and facebook @savagelandpodcast, and on twitter @savagelandpod! Rate, Review, and Subscribe!

22. Super 8: Some Kids, a Camera, and an Alien!

This week, all 4 savages gather from all corners of the globe to discuss the movie Super 8! Oh, but don't you fret. They made enough time to pour some delicious ketchup all over your earholes!!! Feel the glorious ketchup as it engulfs your mind and takes control of your being!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Facebook/Instagram: @Savagelandpodcast, Twitter: @Savagelandpod Rate/Review/Follow/Subscribe!

21. Salt Lake Comic Con Recap!

This week the savages congregate to reminisce about the best parts of Salt Lake Comic Con 2015! Join in on the fun and let us know which things you liked! WARNING: Listening to this episode will cause certain exposure to copious amounts of ketchup. Rate and subscribe! Follow us on social! Facebook/Instagram: @savagelandpodcast, Twitter: @savagelandpod

20. Uncanny X-Force

Journey into the Savage Land as we take you down the rabbit hole that is Uncanny X-Force! We read volume 1 of Rick Remender's highly acclaimed run, titled "The Apocalypse Solution." After a hilarious and quite welcome intro from Mat, the revived savage, we pour some ketchup all over the place, then take a dive into the dark depths of the X-Universe! Join in on the fun, and be sure to rate and subscribe!

19. What Makes a Great Villain?

In this episode, we talk all about the baddies! What makes a villain truly great? Mat's living in a sports movie, Rachael just can't get enough tweets about vampires and serial killers, Bendis can't stop repeating himself, Mitch is living in the past (1872 to be specific), and Jason played Arkham Knight! Rate, follow, and subscribe! FB/Insta: @SavageLandPodcast, Twitter: @SavageLandPod

16. Five Ghosts, Indie Comics & Shark Week!

This week in the savage land, have a good time catching up with us, then join us in our discussion of Five Ghosts! Afterward, we take a quick look at some of our favorite indie comics and look forward to the next two weeks of discussions. Tune in to find out what we're discussing next! Follow us on social: facebook.com/savagelandpodcast and twitter.com/savagelandpod Remember to rate and subscribe!

15. Superman II and Randomness!

Why is Lois Lane so damn crazy? TUNE IN TO FIND OUT! Venture into the savage land to explore the geeky wilderness we live in! We cut through the vines and trees to bring you the best our world has to offer in entertainment! RATE AND SUBSCRIBE! Follow on social: Facebook @savagelandpodcast, Twitter @savagelandpod

14. We Resurrect Somebody! Also, Batman & Fantastic Four

This week in the Savage Land: The savages review the new reboot, Fantastic Four, as well as Batman: The Black Mirror! We also take a look at our week in geek, and we BRING SOMEBODY BACK FROM THE DEAD! Rate and Subscribe! Follow us on Facebook @savagelandpodcast, and on Twitter @savagelandpod!

13. What's So Fantastic About These Four?

THIS WEEK IN THE SAVAGE LAND we give you the weekly catch-up, talk about a bit of geek stuff, and then review the movie of the week: Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer! Maybe we can establish some positivity heading into this weeks release of the reboot. Follow us on social media: @savagelandpodcast on facebook, @savagelandpod on twitter. Rate and Subscribe!

12. Y'all Got Any More of Them Bad Movies?

What do you want, audience? You want How I Met Your Mother? WE GOT THAT! You want Insurgent? WE GOT THAT! But, like, do you seriously want that?... You want Nightcrawler? WE GOT THAT! You want DC Comics? WE GOT SO MANY OF THOSE! You don't want any of that? LET US KNOW ON SOCIAL MEDIA! Twitter: @SavageLandPod. Facebook/Instagram: SavageLandPodcast. Email: us@savagelandpodcast.com! And, if you like us, RATE AND SUBSCRIBE! (and we'll love you.)

7. Jurassic to the Future!

Do you ever think to yourself, why don't I listen to any great podcasts? We're here to solve your problems! Sort of... Today we talk about all your favorite things, literally all of them. Remember that one thing you loved? Yeah, we covered that. Follow us on Facebook: facebook.com/savagelandpodcast, Twitter: @savagelandpod, Instagram: @savagelandpodcast